About bond-bubble.com

The websites looks at the question wether we are steering towards a bond bubble, caused by the recent financial and economic world crisis. This crisis is fought by the governments with money - and as most western countries already have deficits, this money needs to loaned, by the means of bonds.

At the moment we focus on the US government debt here, because the US is the major economic power and a US bond bubble would affect the whole world economy.

We want to answer how stable the US is in debt terms, if there is room to lend more money or if it is already broke?

To do that we are going to look at the following questions:

  • How big is the us government debt, compared to historical data and compared to income of the US?
  • What interest must be paid on the debt, and how does that compare to history?
  • Who are the creditors of the US? Are foreign nations able to pressure the US for a tighter fiscal policy?

us government debt and tax income